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Improve Speed, Quality & Predictability

Whatever purpose an engineering team has, we all want to deliver with speed, quality, and predictability. My new 15-question survey assesses how your team rates on these three aspects of delivery and helps you plot a course for change. Once a leader determines the change that’s needed, there are two domains that need to change simultaneously: You - The Internal Domain of Change Team - The External Domain of Change If you don’t enact change in both domains, your change initiative will not be as effective. This post briefly explains the External Domain. More on the Internal Domain later. To influence team behavior, you need a framework. If you don’t know your framework, your unconscious has made one up and you’re using it without conscious attention. You will be more effective if you consciously use a framework.

Think of your team's purpose as the foundation. People, Processes, and Technology/Tools are the pillars to deliver your products and/or services to your customers (internal and external).

You can implement or change metrics, policies, and structures in any of these pillars to influence change. Tracking bug count is a Technology metric. Doing a re-org is a change to your People structure. Starting a daily standup is a new Process policy. Ready to begin? Take this 15-question survey to gauge your team's effectiveness in speed, quality, and predictability, and plot a course to improve. See more about the External Domain of Change on my website. As always, I welcome comments and questions. Simply reply to this email or find time with me here.

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