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Here are articles, interviews, and speeches I have written or contributed to. If any of this appeals to you and you want to learn more, please click here:




Creating Organizational Agility Through Leading with Heart: Book Review

Agile Leadership Journey Podcast: What is a DAO?

Decent DAO - The Builder's Journey Interview: Engineering Leadership and Coaching

UST Provides Cautionary Tale: Protocol Liquidity is a Fundamental Operational Imperative

Decentralized Finance is Providing Crypto Investors New Ways to Measure Risk

Joshua Forman on Shaking Up Centralized ShapeShift with a DAO















DAO Collaboration: A Case Study (from ETH Denver presentation):



What is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and How Might this New Organizational Structure Impact Collaboration?

Why Code at a DAO: Interview with Josh Forman

ShapeShift Announces Availability of Open-Source Platform Code V2

Here is a podcast I did in 2020 on the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology:

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I wrote my first code as a curious kid on an Apple II Plus in the early 80s. In 1994, I started my career as an engineer. Curiosity about how people work steered me into engineering management over 15 years ago. For the past ten years, I have also focused on mentoring and coaching individuals and teams. I have a bachelors in Physics, a Master's in Organizational Leadership, and over 20 years of study in humanistic psychology, based primarily on the work of Virginia Satir, a pioneer in human systems thinking. I have attended and facilitated over 400 days of personal growth, career development, and leadership training around the world. In my career, I have held multiple leadership roles in technology startups. I am an Agile Leadership Journey Guide and have trained extensively with Crafted Leadership. I am excited to share the tools of discovery that I have used to help others, and myself.

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