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A collaborative approach to conflict

Navigate Conflict Swiftly & Creatively

Do you avoid conflict? Does the thought of engaging in conflict cause you stress?

Imagine if conflict resulted in a deeper understanding.

Would you be more likely to dive in and discuss with the people involved if there was a way for you to better understand what is going on for you, you had genuine curiosity about the others involved, and you knew how to approach them collaboratively?


This one-hour remote workshop will present, and give you the opportunity to practice, a method to swiftly navigate conflict and promote connection and collaboration.

This training is a module in the Lead By Design curriculum developed by the folks at Crafted Leadership, a leadership training program specializing in leveraging emotional development and leadership awareness to increase collaboration and organizational effectiveness.


It consists of simple steps that reveal what is going on under the surface of our behaviors and reactions when we are in conflict. The process prompts us to engage with those we are in conflict with in a manner that is non-argumentative. 

This then results in a greater understanding for everyone involved, and remove obstacles for collaboratively moving forward together.

the workshop

This is a one hour interactive workshop, outlining the process which can be used immediately. 


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