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effective conversations

Using Self, Other & Context to Cultivate Awareness

Do you ever put time and effort to prepare for a conversation only to find that the conversation ends with more misunderstanding and frustration than before it began? Perhaps you wanted to gain alignment on a goal at work, perhaps you wanted to open up to a loved one, or wanted to discuss a conflict with your family or friends.


You had a plan, knew what you're going to say, and how you would respond. But in the conversation, that fell apart, and it ended in frustration.

Imagine that even when conversations don't go as planned, things can still wind up better in the end.

In any conversation we can more effectively achieve a positive outcome for everyone involved by paying attention to our relationship with Self, Other, and Context. This holds no matter what the content of the conversation may be.


This FREE one-hour remote workshop will present a method for paying attention to, assessing our relationship with, and creating choice around these three aspects of relating.

First developed by Virginia Satir, a pioneer in human systems thinking in the 20th century, a framework for this awareness has help thousands realize more connection and shared understanding in their work, community, family, and intimate relationships.


It starts with series of questions: In this moment, am I connected to myself? Am I connected to the other(s) with whom I am engaging? Am I connected to the context of what is happening between / among us?

the workshop

This is a FREE 90-minute interactive workshop, explaining basic principles which can be used immediately. 


Click below to find future sessions and learn a set of tools that can help you find more positive outcomes in your conversations.