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discovery focused

Create one-on-ones with your employees that are more open, invite feedback, and create connection.


For some people one-on-ones have become rote, boring, and border on a waste of time. They often get postponed or cancelled for "more important" meetings.


Others see some benefit, and would like to make them better.


One-on-ones should be an opportunity to connect with your employees and learn about the organization from their perspective. They are also an opportunity to share your perspective with them.

With more connection, you are a better manager and people leader. With more perspective, you can make better decisions for the organization.


This FREE one-hour remote workshop will introduce a way to think about and organize your one-on-ones so they are a learning opportunity every time and you look forward to them. 

This is not a prescriptive approach, but rather a framework that can be used and filled with your own style and way of relating.


Make your one-on-ones more meaningful and a better reflection of you. 

the workshop

This is a FREE one-hour interactive workshop, explaining basic principles which can be used immediately. 


Click below to find future sessions and learn how to have better one-on-ones with your team.