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Image by Giulia May

strength from within

Using our family of origin as a resource,
discover new ways to find strength within yourself

Sunday, Aug 14, 1-5PM
Boulder, Colorado

Facilitated by Josh Forman

“The message is clear. Our identity is multiple, fashioned by many hands, men and women whose voices we dimly perceive.” -Carlos Fuentes

With Chris McCarthy as our "star" for this workshop, all participants will have opportunities to explore the relationships in their family of origin and unlock new resources for growth.

The workshop will present a Humanistic Model* of

     • Interpersonal Communication
     • Personal Integration
     • Building Self-Esteem
     • Healing the Pain of the Past
     • Nurturing Intimacy

*Based on the work of Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir was a pioneer in human systems thinking in the 20th century. She has developed models to increase awareness, facilitate healing of old wounds, and create opportunity for growth that have been taught around the world, benefitting thousands, possibly millions, of people.

the workshop

This is an in person workshop in Golden, Colorado on Sunday, Aug 14 from 1-5 PM. Please click the button below to reserve your spot.

The cost is $100. There is limited financial aid available, so please contact me at if you want to discuss options.


I was first introduced to human systems as a field of study and the work of Virginia Satir in 2000. That year I attended a Satir-based Family Reconstruction workshop conducted by Steven Young, one of Satir's formal students before she died in 1988. Since then, I have attended or facilitated over 400 days of personal growth, career development, and leadership trainings around the world. I am a leadership coach, and hold a Bachelors in Physics and a Masters in Organizational Leadership. I am an Agile Leadership Journey Guide and have studied extensively with Crafted Leadership. I am always excited to share the tools of discovery that I have used to help others, and myself.

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