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for Engineers

Improve. Be Fulfilled. Perform.

Are you looking to increase your effectiveness, find more job satisfaction, and improve your career trajectory?

Hi, my name is Josh Forman. I'm a 25-year technology professional, and have been coaching over 5 years.


After coaching from me, clients report:

  • Better interpersonal workplace relationships

  • More perspective on organizational dynamics

  • New ways of thinking about needs and challenges

  • Real joy and happiness in your career

  • More tools to thrive in a managerial role and get noticed

The challenges you face are influenced by the type of system you are in. With experience in corporations, startups, non-profits, and DAOs (decentralized organizations), I can help you look at your unique situation, find credible images of how things can be better, and map a course to get there.

From years in the field, I have in-depth knowledge of engineering specific processes and technology to help you grow into the high-performing contributor you want to be. And learn the skills and mindsets needed to be an engineering leader, if that's what you're looking for.


I combine 20 years of training in humanistic psychology with brain science and elements of mindfulness to co-create a powerful space of reflection and insight. Clients report more clarity, direction, and purpose.


Chris, Staff Engineer

Josh helped me see things differently. I work more collaboratively now. I have learned how to pay attention to other's thoughts and feelings and see that my way is not always the best way.


Charlie, Founder & CTO

My career was fast tracked because of Josh.


Logan, SDET

Josh gave me more confidence and got rid of my self doubt. Which helped me stop worrying and just focus on my work.

Coaching Evaluation

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I wrote my first code as a curious kid on an Apple II Plus in the early 80's. In 1994, I started my career as an engineer. Curiosity about how people work steered me into engineering management over 15 years ago. I have been a leadership coach for the past five years. I have a bachelors in Physics, a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and over 20 years of study in humanistic psychology, based primarily on the work of Virginia Satir, a pioneer in human systems thinking. I have attended and facilitated over 400 days of personal growth, career development, and leadership trainings around the world. In my career I have held multiple leadership roles in technology startups. I am an Agile Leadership Journey Guide and have trained extensively with Crafted Leadership. I am excited to share the tools of discovery that I have used to help others, and myself.

It's better to talk to someone who gets the engineering mindset.

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